24 Hours In Homeopathic AE

’24 Hours In Homeopathic A&E’ Announced by Channel 4

LONDON, UK. Channel 4 bosses have today announced a spin of hit tv series ’24 Hours in A&E. ’24 Hours In Homeopathic A&E’ take a look at how homeopaths deal with real-life emergencies.

This fly on the wall documentary will follow “healthcare professionals” when dealing with life-threatening situations such as; cardiac arrests, anaphylaxis, trauma and major hemorrhages.

Homeopath, Dr Mike Jones states “This TV show give us the chance to show homeopaths in a whole different light as we successfully treat up to 30% of the people who attend homeopathic A&E”.

The first episode will air at 2am on Wednesday the 31st of February on Channel 4. It will follow the story of Jane  who attends Homeopathic A&E following a car accident and above-head decapitation, staff successfully reunite his head with his body using only a daisy chain, but will Jane recover?

‘Proper’ Doctors have complained to Channel 4 after fears patients will start to attend Homeopathic A&E in search of ‘real’ treatments.