Mothers Day Flowers Serenata

Best Mother’s Day Gift is “Nothing” says Serenata Flowers

LINCOLN, UK. Mother’s Day and flowers and synonymous so it a shocking revelation that leading online florist Serenata Flowers believe the best gift for Mother’s Day is nothing at all.

Claire Flowers a spokesperson for Serenata Flowers states;

“If you order flowers from us. We will do you right and not deliver anything at all. The best gift for Mother’s Day is nothing at all” … If you’re not happy with your gift of nothing, we will offer you a full refund so you can find someone else to deliver flowers to your loved one”. 

“An experience in flowers”, is absolutely accurate, the elusive company doesn’t offer contact information to their customers so you must follow a set of online clues in order to speak to somebody. This digital easter-egg hunt is popular with customers, Mary from Derby states “I don’t like it when you can simply call a company, you have to feel like you have earned the right to speak to someone by following their online clues”.

Should you want to send flowers to your loved one we firmly recommend using a reputable company such as Interflora or approaching a local florist – where you can speak to an actual person.