U.K. Chancellor George Osborne Delivers Annual Spring Budget Statement

Budget 2015: “We’re Broke” & “You’ll Cough Up”

LONDON, UK. George Osborne, the Chancellor of the Exchequer will give his Budget to Parliament on Wednesday 18 March 2015, it is likely to bring further austerity measures and massive increase in taxation.

2015 is likely to be a hard year for everybody, George Osborne had made a public statement ahead of his budget on Wednesday stating;

“We need your help. The UK is broke. You, the general public, are going to have to cough up if you want to keep your local MP in the life their accustomed, for as little as £100 extra a month you can provide essential moat cleaning or ensure MPs get their spa treatments”.

Figures released today suggest budget cuts to essential services and massive price hikes on ‘essentials’, fuel will nearly double in price over the next 12 months and NHS Staff will take a 50% pay cut.

The Department for Social Media and Fundraising are set to release information on the Budget in the next few days.