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Jeremy Clarkson Means More To UK Than NHS

LONDON, UK. A petition to save BBC Top Gear presenters Jeremy Clarkson’s job has been signed more times than a petition to save the NHS from Jeremy Hunt and his posse of corporate bad boys.

During the last week it has come to light that people in the UK care more about Top Gear’s presenter Jeremy Clarkson than for their state-run owned health care system than is currently under the threat of privatisation.

Dr James Moore from the University of Perspective isn’t surprised about this result as had made the following comment;

If we were talking about cutting benefits or extra taxation, the result would be different. Sadly nobody cares about the NHS. They are asking themselves ‘what has it done for me?'”. 

Conspiracy theorists state that it is within the realm of possibility that NHS dictator, Jeremy Hunt, orchestrated the ‘fracas’ with Jeremy Clarkson and the producer to take attention away from the obvious privatisation of the NHS.

In case we have put things into perspective and you want to save your NHS, you can sign a local petition here.