Marmite Burger

McDonald’s ‘Marmite Burger’ Will You Love It or Hate It?

LONDON, UK. Popular fast-food chain, McDonalds, have announced their most controversial burger yet, the Marmite Burger. The burger, set to be released in the UK next month is likely to live up to Marmite’s advertising slogan “you will either love it or hate it”.

McDonalds recipes are closely guarded secrets but a source close to the office of Ronald McDonald states that it will include half a jar of Marmite, human fingers and a small amount of cat faeces alongside a luscious half-ounce burger, cheese, tomatoes and crisp lettuce.

A statement released by the fast food chain states;

People will eat almost anything, so we thought we’d try this outrageous and clearly disgusting combination of flavours. You’ll most likely hate it.

Ron Donald, a lucky employee who got to taste the burger last week states that the burger is “something created in the nightmare a of chef” but at the same is “utterly luxurious”.

Will you Love it or Hate it?