Richard Hammond Peacock

Richard Hammond in ‘Fracas’ with Peacock

LONDON, UK. Top Gear co-presenter Richard Hammond is reported to have been involved in a ‘fracas’ with a Peacock, the disagreement is reportedly about the peacock not wanting to become dinner for hungry Richard.

According to a source close to the incident, Richard Hammond was unhappy with his breakfast of cheese and crackers and instead became involved in a ‘fracas’ with a local peacock whose identity is protected at this time.

Richard was hungry, there was some shouting, some expletives and then all of a sudden Richard just punches the Peacock. I’ve never seen anything like it“.

The peacock is reported to have died several hours later from a mysterious gun shot wound. The police have opened an investigation into the peacocks death, they have stated the circumstances are “suspicious”.

What exactly is a Fracas? Prior to the fracas involving fellow presenter Jeremy Clarkson earlier this year nobody had ever heard of a fracas, so we searched for a definition. According to the New English Dictionary a fracas is “a noisy disturbance or quarrel involving a BBC Top Gear Presenter”.